"The information on all pages relating to Bywell Parish Council is provided by the Parish Council."

Bywell Parish Councillors

Six Parish Councillors serve on Bywell Parish Council and are usually elected every four years by the residents. The next elections will be held in 2017. All Councillors are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration for their time. Councillors stand for the benefit of the community and there is no political divide within the Council.

 The current Parish Councillors on Bywell Parish Council are:

Ian Gillespie

Hetherley Edge

Anne Rutherford, Deputy Chairman

Stelling South Cottage, Newton, NE43 7UU
Telephone: 01661 844962

email : anner.cottage@gmail.com 

Kenny Richardson 

Well House Farm, Newton, NE43 7UY
e-mail: kennyrichardson25@gmail.com

Helen Scott 

The Stables, Newton, NE43 7UL
Telephone: 01661 844965
Email: helen.scott17@yahoo.co.uk

John Thompson 

Bowes Hill, Newton Hall, NE43 7TW
Telephone: 07702 491333


Peter Stoddart - Chairman

Birch Steading, Newton, NE43 7UU
Telephone 01661 598088
Email stoddyp@aol.com

Parish Clerk

The Clerk to the Council is the Proper Officer of the Council and as such is under a statutory duty to carry out the functions and the wishes of the Council and is the Council’s authorised official within the law. The Clerk is paid for the services carried out for the Council and is an employee.

Clerk to Bywell Parish Council:  

Monica Anderton, 12 Whitgrave Road, Newcastle NE5 3XJ 

Tel :0191 241 2603

Email: mfanderton@gmail.com

Northumberland County Council

The Northumberland County Councillor with responsibility for Bywell Ward is:
Cllr Paul Kelly (Independent)
e-mail: Paul.Kelly@northumberland.gov.uk