Newton & Bywell

The parish of Bywell lies in southern Northumberland and its southern edge is defined by the River Tyne. From the low-lying riverside edge, the eastern side of the parish rises to North Acomb and then towards Hadrian’s Wall.

The village of Bywell was the main settlement and gives the parish its name, which means ‘by the spring’.

Over the years more development has taken place around Newton with the result that the majority of residents in the parish now live north of the A69.

The Parish covers and area of approx 8.6 square miles.

With a small population of around 380 living in the areas of :

Newton, Westside, Newton Hall, Heathery Edge, Newton Fell Farm, ShildonHill, Wellhouse Farm, Stelling, Crookhill, Mowden Hall School, Brocksbushes, Bywell, Peepy, Bearl, North Acomb, Styford, Styford High Barns, Styford Wood, Styford Hall.