Useful Broadband Links & Reference


CBN works with communities, local authorities and NGOs, both in the UK and internationally, to help develop community-focused, sustainable broadband networks. It brings together some of the UK's top experts in telecommunications strategy, business development, technical implementation, and social ownership and mutual structures.

INCA Independent Networks Co-operatives Association (INCA) has a vision is to achieve 100% coverage of next generation broadband as quickly as possible, nobody left behind. To get there, particularly in harder to reach areas, INCA advocates a partnership approach bringing together public, private and community sectors to plan next generation coverage regionally and locally.

The Final Third First Campaign Country Land & Business Association - Final Third First Campaign has come into existence because there are thousands of people in the UK who do not have a functional broadband connection at present (in “notspots” and because of technical issues with the existing telephone network), and approximately a third of the country whose future connectivity requirements will not be met by the market by 2017.

The Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) is the UK government’s leading advisory group on broadband. It provides a neutral forum for organisations across the converging broadband value-chain to discuss and resolve key policy, regulatory and commercial issues, with the ultimate aim of helping to create a strong and competitive UK knowledge economy. It was established in 2001, and since 2006 has focused on next generation broadband issues.

The BSG’s diverse network includes telecoms operators, manufacturers, investors, ISPs, mobile network operators, broadcasters, new media companies, content producers and rights holders, as well as central and local government, devolved administrations, Ofcom and others.

The BSG is based in the offices of Intellect, the trade body for the ICT, telecommunications and electronics industry.

The Rural Broadband Partnership aims to provide information on the alternative broadband delivery options available and to assist those determined, like us, to get broadband into rural communities. You can find many examples of communities that now have high-quality, professional and reliable broadband services in areas beyond the reach of traditional ADSL.

The Local Broadband Plan

This report sets out the vision and aims for iNorthumberland programme. We had to prepare this

publication for the Government in order to secure the initial £7 Million of funding.

St Chad’s Report

The iNorthumberland team commissioned a study by St Chad’s College at Durham University to look

into the economic impact – specifically job creation in Northumberland – as a result of access to

superfast broadband

This is for Everyone: The case for Universal Digitisation-

This report was written by Booz & Company with Go ON UK and its founder partners. Its purpose is to

present the socioeconomic case for universal digitisation.

Broadband for all – an alternative vision -

A report by the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications, published in July 2012.