1            The Scheme

The scheme will be open to residents in the area of Newton and Bywell. It will enable the members of the scheme to pool the ordering of heating oil with the objective of achieving the lowest price. The contract for the supply of oil will be between each member who has placed an order and the oil supply company.


2            Managing the Scheme

Diana Denbury of Newton co-ordinates the scheme with support from Alison Vipond, who has recently initiated an energy efficiency scheme.


3            Information to be Held for each Member

The following information would be held electronically for each member: name, address, size of oil tank, location of oil tank, any restrictions on access, email address, telephone numbers, and instructions for delivery.  It will be used only for the bulk ordering of heating oil. Where an order is placed, this information will be issued to the oil company to enable delivery and invoicing.


4            How the Scheme Will Work

(a) Communications with members of the scheme will be by email. Where the member does not have email, contact will be via telephone.


(b)  There will be six months during each year when we would order oil. These would be September, November, January, March, May and July.


(c)  During each of the above months each member of the scheme would be asked how many litres they wish to order (Minimum order is 500l, as laid down by Trading Standards). This request would be made on the 7th of each month. Members would have seven days to respond. Only those Members who wish to place an order need to respond. On the 14th day the Co-ordinator will produce a list of those members wishing to order oil. A copy of this list will be sent to members. The list will be totalled to give the number of litres to be ordered. Members need to respond to the Co-ordinator straight away if the entry for them needs amendment. On the 15th day the Coordinator will contact all suppliers to get the best deal possible. Once the supplier with the best possible price has been identified, the Co-ordinator will place an order with the supplier for the total number of litres required but this will be broken down into the quantity required by each Member. The Co-ordinator will forward to the supplier a copy of the list giving the name and addresses of each member wishing to order, and for each, the order quantity and the delivery instructions. The objective will be to receive the delivery between the 20th and 24th of the month. The Co-ordinator will also notify the Members of the price negotiated (prices quoted exclude VAT at 5%) and the likely delivery dates.


(d)  At delivery each member will receive a delivery note from the Supplier, giving the number of litres delivered. The supplier will also send an invoice to each member receiving oil. The contract for the oil will be between the member and the supplier. Members will be expected to meet the payment requirements agreed with the supplier. The key points in this process are repeated below:


7th of the month  Coordinator asks all Members if they wish to order oil and the quantity required.

14th of the month    Latest date for Members to respond to the Co-ordinator.

14th of the month  Co-ordinator produces a list of members wishing to order oil and giving a total to be ordered. The list is sent to all Members of the scheme.     

14th of the month    Members respond to the Co-ordinator if they wish to change their order.

15th of the month    Co-ordinator contacts all suppliers to identify the best deal and agree payment terms.     the month         

                          Co-ordinator will notify all Members who have placed an order of the price negotiated and the likely delivery date.

20th – 24th of the month       

                               Oil delivered by the supplier. Delivery note left with the Member.

Payment                  Payment is made by each Member direct to the supplier in accord with the agreement struck with the Supplier.


5            Members requiring deliveries at other times.

There will be no provision for ordering heating oil at times other than the monthly dates described above. Where a delivery is required outside these dates it will be up to each Member to make alternative arrangements.


6            Commitment by Residents To Become Members

Residents who wish to be Members of the scheme need to accept and commit to the above arrangement by forwarding their personal details that are required for the scheme, which are detailed in the attached document

Please forward this information to Diana Denbury ( as soon as possible.