Communications With The Parish Council

 Bywell Parish Council firmly believes that good communications with residents are absolutely essential for the Council to fulfil its purpose. Parish Councillors need to have a clear understanding of the views of residents and equally, residents need to be well informed on things that matter and affect their lives. So, open and effective two way communications are essential.

 The Parish Council has established an infra-structure for communications with residents. It consists of the following:-

 Web –Site         

 This community web site is fully supported by the Parish Council which has funded some of the expenditure for it to become established. 


The Newton and Bywell ENews is a community newsletter that but carries information from the Parish Council. 

Notice Boards   

 Three Community Notice Boards are located at Newton, Bywell and Stelling.

They  act as a focal point for notices of all types and are open for residents and hers to use.

Group Emails    

Email addresses are held for 192 users. Group messages are sent to these email addresses dealing with urgent news which may arise between Newsletters.


Getting in Touch with the Parish Council

The earlier section on Parish Councillors gives for each Councillor a contact telephone number and an email address where one is held. Residents are welcome to contact the Parish Councillors by these means.


The Clerk to the Parish Council is Monica Anderton

Email :

Getting in Touch with Northumberland County Council

County Councillor

The County Councillor that covers the Parish of Bywell is Paul Kelly.

Councillor Kelly can be contacted as follows:

Telephone:-       01661 835302



Getting in Contact with the County Council

Address – County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF

Telephone:- 0845 6006400

Emails -

Web Site –

Leader of the County Council – Grant Davey