The information on all pages relating to Bywell Parish Council is provided by the Parish Council."

What The Parish Council Does And Its Responsibilities


1            Bywell Parish Council

Bywell Parish is a small rural Parish covering a wide area and with a small scattered population. The Parish is funded by the residents through the Council Tax. The annual income of the Parish Council in 2012/13 is £6,750 (the precept) which is levied on all residents of the Parish and collected through the Council Tax. The Council has very few assets. The Parish Council is not large enough to run any services. This is the role of Northumberland County Council which is described more fully below. The range of purposes and responsibilities of Parish Councils are described below at Section 2. One of the main purposes of Bywell Parish Council is to identify the needs of the community and liaise with the County Council and other agencies for the needs to be met and delivered effectively.


2            The Role, Responsibilities and Services Currently Carried Out by Parish Councils

The role, responsibilities and services offered by Parish Councils are as follows:-

              (a)         Statutory consultation on local planning applications.

              (b)         Engaging with residents and obtaining an understanding of needs and priorities.

              (c)          Engaging with the County Council in relation to the services delivered by them.

              (d)         Engaging with other service providers in relation to the services they provide.

              (f)          Initiating a process of local planning (Parish Planning)

              (g)          Influencing decisions that affect the community.

(h)         Working with other Parish and Town Councils on cross border issues

              (i)           Acting as the eyes and ears on local matters - insight.

              (j)           Encouraging and supporting a cohesive community and community groups.

              (k)          The maintenance of community assets owned by the PC.

              (l)           Putting in place an infra-structure to promote good communications with residents

              (m)        Provide awareness and access to the services delivered by the County Council.

              (n)         Maintenance of cemeteries and grave yards.

              (o)         Undertake local grass cutting and arrangements for the disposal of garden waste.

              (p)         Arrange local tidy ups and litter picking.

              (q)         Provision and maintenance of play and recreation areas.

              (r)          Local grass cutting.


3            Northumberland County Council

Northumberland County Council is the main provider of Council Services. It covers 167 Town and Parishes and is able to benefit from economies of scale in delivering to a large number of rural and urban communities. The services that the County council is responsible for are set out below:


Services and Responsibilities currently carried out by Northumberland County Council

              (a)         Refuse Collection & Recycling

              (b)         Libraries

              (c)          Licensing

              (d)         Litter Collection

              (e)         Highways including snow clearance and verge grass cutting

              (f)          Education

              (g)          Tourism & Leisure

              (h)         Planning

              (i)           Parking

              (j)           Health and Public Protection and Environmental Services

              (k)          Transport

              (l)           Public Conveniences

              (m)        Housing Policy

              (n)         Benefits and Council Tax

              (o)         Courts and Probation

              (p)         Social Services