"The information on all pages relating to Bywell Parish Council is provided by the Parish Council." 

Planning Applications

One of the purposes of Bywell Parish Council is to consider planning applications, within the area of the Parish, which are made to Northumberland County Council. On receipt of such planning applications by the County Council they are sent to the Parish Council for consideration in its role as a statutory consultee.  The Parish Council has only a short period of time to make comments back to the County Council. This does not normally fit with the Parish Council meeting dates so it has a procedure for getting comments from the Councillors to enable a response to be made to the County Council. If the application is a major one which has wider implications and is likely to be of significant interest to residents, the Parish Council may call a special public meeting for discussion on the application. In such cases it is likely that the Parish Council will ask the County Council for extra time to get comments back to them.


The County Council ask the Parish Council to summarise the outcome of their consultation by voting with one of the three following statements:

  • In Favour

  • No Objection

  • Objection

In addition the Parish Council is able to send a statement in support of their decision. However, this statement must give reasons which are acceptable in planning law, otherwise the comments will be rejected.

The County Council may take into account the comments made by the Parish Council in coming to a decision.

The Clerk to the Parish Council is notified of the outcome