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Parish Plan 2011 - 2017


One of the prime responsibilities of the Parish Council is to identify the needs and priorities of residents within the Parish and to influence the service providers to deliver these in an effective manner. In carrying out this responsibility the Parish Council initiates a planning process to compile a Parish Plan. 

Bywell Parish Council first produced Parish Plan for the period 2002 to 2007 which contained 70 actions. A similar planning exercise was again undertaken between 2009 and 2011 which resulted in a Plan for 2011 to 2017. This plan is important because it sets out the way in which the residents of Newton and Bywell wish to see their area develop over the period 2011 to 2017. It contains 63 Actions that will be taken over the life of the Plan and it is a guide to the changes that people want to see happen in their own neighbourhood. The full plan can be seen by clicking on Plan. 

The plan had been compiled from the results of a questionnaire which was completed by 78 percent of households. From these results a draft plan was compiled and a copy circulated to all residents. Two public meetings were held to discuss the draft plan and residents had the opportunity to write in with their comments.  So, this is the final Plan for the period to 2017 and it represents the needs and priorities of people who reside in this area. 

The Actions to be pursued are set out in Section 2 and are contained in appropriate sections but numbered consecutively. Those that are seen to be of particular significance to residents are identified by the word ‘Priority’. Implementation of the Actions started in 2011.

 The benefits of having a Parish Plan are immense and section 3 sets out what has been achieved from the last Parish Plan 2002-2007.  Section 4 identifies what has changed locally that necessitated the adoption of this plan.

 We are grateful to the Parish Plan Steering Committee for directing the process of developing the plan and for consulting with residents.

 Implementation of the Actions from the plan is now progressing well and a number have already been fully achieved. Groups of volunteer residents have come together to investigate a cluster of similar actions from the plan and the implementation is progressing well.