Neighbourhood Watch

Newton Village, Beech Close, Westside and Shaw House  

Our scheme is a ‘self declared’ scheme which relies on neighbours working together and looking after each other,

and reporting any concerns or suspicious activity to a local contact, who can liaise with an established Police contact.

Local Contacts

Scheme Coordinator

Geoffrey Osborn,

Hillcrest, Newton

NE43 7UL

Tel:    01661 842600

Mob: 07447 193534


Alternative Contact

Peter Stoddart

Birch Steading, Newton

Tel:    01661 598088

Mob: 07785707995


Police Contacts

Emergency           999           Non emergency    101

 Gemma Lathan

Community Support Officer 6659



Darren English

Police Officer 8576


Neighbourhood Team  contact

email :

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